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It’s been a while since I have spent time in this space. Summer flew by, and it was fun and full. I spent more time on reading and making clothes than I did making dolls. We ate lots of summer fruits and veggies and just enjoyed the summer.

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Had some firsts, a tooth fairy visit and a first time down the big slide alone.



Took an exciting adventure.

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My life is in a very transitional stage right now, many changes with many possible changes just around the corner. I get emails all the time to see if I am still making dolls, I am. I am taking things really slowly as all the changes around me start to come together. I won’t be at any Christmas Markets this season, which will be a nice break. I do love to participating in markets but it makes for a a very busy holiday. This season, I will be taking it slow and I have so many project that need catching up on.

Hope you had a wonderful summer and Fall…is just around the corner……and that is pretty exciting!!!


Maker Faire Vancouver

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The Rice Babies will be at The Maker Fair


June 1-2 nd at the PNE

I will be among the working artist at the Arts Umbrella table. Come and see us, support artists that teach and foster creativity in children through the arts.


Around here and there

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Just a bits and pieces of what we have been to around here via Instagram, you can follow along here:

If you like.

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Loving Spring


And these cheeks.



One of my dolls was purchased by Christina of Bamboletta!! When I saw her at my table, I already had a lump in my throat, we chatted, and she is just SO lovely. She looks like a doll and she is so sweet and so genuine. She purchased one of my dolls and I was fumbling over my words and blushing. As a doll maker, there is NO higher compliment in my book.

I have also met such great people at the fairs both vendors and fans, and I am always so grateful for purchases and compliments. Make my heart smile.


Happy May!!!